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Quick-drying fabric, waterproof, moisture-permeable, breathable, windproof fabric can’t be distinguished?

The origin of quick drying

Quick drying means that when the fabric of clothing and wool or cotton clothing, in the same external conditions, it is easier to volatilize the water and dry faster.

Quick-drying cloth

Quick drying performance

Some people think that quick-drying clothes are very mysterious, thinking that there are a lot of high-tech components, in fact, most of the quick-drying clothes are made of chemical fiber fabrics, but because of the difference in processing technology, so that it has a variety of magical effects that ordinary clothes do not have. The water absorption is not high, the air permeability is good (depending on the material) has a certain waterproof, after being wet under the action of body temperature or wind, the drying speed is relatively fast compared to ordinary clothes.

The principle of quick drying

For waterproof and breathable quick-drying clothes, from a technical point of view, the main principles are as follows:

Use the difference between the minimum diameter of a water drop and the diameter of a water or air molecule.
2. Use microporous film. The micropore diameter of the film is between the minimum diameter of the water drop and the maximum diameter of water or air molecules, and then the film is combined with the outer fabric, so as to give the fabric waterproof and breathable function.
3. The effect of waterproof and breathable is achieved by the interaction of hydrophilic factors and hydrophobic factors of different components in the inner and outer layers of the fabric. Due to hydrogen bonding and other intermolecular forces, water molecules adsorb water molecules on the high humidity side and transfer to the low humidity side through the process of desorption, so as to achieve the purpose of air permeability.
4. Using the characteristics of shape memory polymers. The gas permeability of shape memory polymers changes dramatically due to the microstructure movement of molecular chains. Moreover, its air permeability is adjusted with the change of external temperature and humidity. This shape memory polyurethane can be used to produce waterproof breathable fabric by non-porous lamination or coating, reducing the shortcomings such as blockage caused by micro-pores during use, and more importantly, the moisture permeability of the fabric can change with the change of human body temperature.

Waterproof, waterproof, moisture-permeable, breathable, windproof

Water splashing properties of fabric

Refers to the fabric after a special treatment of water splashing agent, its surface can make water droplets form a bead, will not produce penetration, diffusion and wet clothing, to achieve a lotus leaf like water splashing function (lotus effect).


Functional treatment to prevent water infiltration, the current waterproof treatment often uses waterproof film to prevent water molecules from going deep, but the film itself is too fragile, so it depends on the table cloth, film, and the inside to cooperate with each other in order to achieve the waterproof function. The waterproof ability is expressed by the water pressure resistance value, that is, the waterproof cloth with a fixed area to block the rising water pressure, when the surface oozes the third drop of water, it is the water pressure resistance value of the fabric, usually more than 1000mm can achieve the most basic waterproof ability.


Specifically refers to the function provided by the indirect breathable waterproof film, not to mention breathable, because it is two different breathable mechanisms, although ultimately can let sweat through the fabric to the outside world. Moisture permeability needs to be absorbed by the hydrophilic non-porous membrane into sweat molecules inside and move to the outside of the film in the way of micro-brown movement, affected by the difference in humidity pressure inside and outside the clothing, and then transformed into gas through the surface cloth to discharge, so it is called indirect breathability.


In the waterproof breathable film, the function provided by the water-repellent porous waterproof film is to let the gas directly through the gap of the “water-repellent porous film”, which is called direct breathable due to the faster speed.


As long as the fabric has a certain windproof function, the closer the fabric is woven, the stronger the windproof ability. The wind resistance of poor permeability is generally strong. High quality fabric is the perfect combination of air permeability and wind resistance.

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