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Custom Workwear Flame Resistant Wear Resistant Work Suit

  • Color: Orange navy blue match color
  • Material: Cotton / Polyester / Nylon
  • Type: Wear Resistant Workwear
  • Lead time: 1-5000 Pieces, 30 days
  • Customization: You can customize the logo according to your needs
  • How Much Is The Wear Resistant Workwear
  • >= 1000 pieces: 34-46 USD

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Miner maintenance worker Jacket trousers overalls set description

Commonly used flame retardant fabric 380gsm detailed introduction

100% cotton

88% cotton, 12% nylon

65% cotton / 35% polyester twill

Flame retardant and washable, breathable and moisture-permeable, natural and environmentally friendly.

Flame retardant wear resistant work jacket working pants features

DROTEX Workwear Standard

Garment size card

S 34 36 39.5 41 34 35
M 38 40 42 43 36 37
L 42 44 45.5 47.5 40 42
XL 46 48 50 52 44.5 47
2XL 50 52 54.5 56.5 50 52.5
3XL 54 56 58.5 61 55 57.5
4XL 58 60 63 65 59 61
5XL 62 67 63

Mining and maintenance workwear suit Jacket trousers Flame retardant and wear resistant workwear – the key to safety and efficiency

In the mining industry, safety is always the first priority. In order to protect the safety of mining maintenance workers in harsh environments, a professional work suit is essential. Our mining maintenance workwear suit jacket pants flame retardant and wear resistant tooling is designed for this purpose.

First, our workwear sets are made of flame retardant materials to provide additional protection in emergency situations such as fire. This flame retardant property not only reduces the spread of the fire, but also helps workers stay calm in high temperature environments, thereby improving the chances of escape.

Secondly, our clothes and trousers are made of wear resistant materials. In the mining industry, workers need to constantly move on a variety of rough surfaces, so their clothing and pants must be able to withstand such wear and tear. Our workwear sets are not only resistant to these wear and tear, but also maintain their shape and comfort, allowing workers to remain productive for long periods of time.

In addition, our workwear sets include a variety of practical design elements. For example, pockets are designed to allow staff to store and remove necessary tools at any time, while cuffs and trouser bottoms are tightened to prevent dust and debris from entering.

In general, our mining maintenance workers’ workwear suit jacket pants flame retardant and wear resistant tooling is specifically designed for the mining industry. It can not only protect the safety of the staff, but also improve their work efficiency. Whether you’re doing repair work deep underground or above ground, this suit can help you deal with a variety of challenges.
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DROTEX Workwear Apply
Oil-gas industry, welding,mine, metallurgy, traffic, airline, paint, electrical power etc industries.

Packaging & Shipping

DROTEX Deliver goods
* Packaging: one plastic bag for each set,20sets~40sets in one carton or customize.
* Shipping: by sea,by air,by express delivery.

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