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Cotton Polyester Reflective Flame Retardant Long Sleeve Fr Shirt

  • Color: Orange navy blue double match color
  • Material: Cotton / Polyester
  • Type: Fr Shirt
  • Lead time: 1-5000 Pieces, 30 days
  • Customization: You can customize the logo according to your needs
  • How Much Is The Work Long Sleeve Shirt
  • >= 1000 pieces: 22-45 USD

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Fr Shirt Reflective Flame Retardant Work Shirt description

65% cotton 35% Polyester flame retardant reflective work shirt, this shirt has excellent all-day comfort while also keeping you safe and FR (flame retardant) compatible. This FRC (Cotton Flame retardant) garment complies with NFPA 2112, Fire and flame retardant Clothing for Industrial personnel.

Machine repair welding cotton polyester Long Sleeve Fr shirt features

DROTEX Workwear Standard

Garment size card

S 34 36 39.5 41 34 35
M 38 40 42 43 36 37
L 42 44 45.5 47.5 40 42
XL 46 48 50 52 44.5 47
2XL 50 52 54.5 56.5 50 52.5
3XL 54 56 58.5 61 55 57.5
4XL 58 60 63 65 59 61
5XL 62 67 63

To protect worker safety, start with a reflective and flame retardant work shirt

In the busy factory floor, mechanical welding workers can be seen everywhere. Their work requires not only superb technical skills, but also full mental input. However, when night falls, how can they operate accurately in the dark and avoid safety accidents? The answer is hidden in this mechanical welder work shirt reflective flame retardant cotton polyester work long sleeve shirt.

The design concept of this shirt stems from a deep concern for worker safety. First, it is decorated with reflective materials, so that the wearer can be clearly seen by others at night or in low-light environments, thus reducing the possibility of collisions and accidents. Secondly, it is also equipped with a flame retardant function, in the event of a sudden fire, it can prevent the spread of the fire in time, providing valuable escape time.

In addition, the shirt also uses a patchwork color design, stylish and professional, which can enhance the image of workers at work and keep them in a good mood at rest. And it uses cotton-polyester blended fabric, soft texture, good air permeability, so that the wearer will keep fresh at the same time, will not feel too hot.

In general, this mechanical welding workers’ work shirt reflective flame retardant cotton polyester work long sleeve shirt is not only a worker’s work clothes, but also a safety guarantee. Its emergence, let us see the enterprise’s respect and care for the safety of workers. Only when every worker is able to perform their tasks efficiently and in a safe environment can our society truly progress.

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DROTEX Workwear Apply
Oil-gas industry, welding,mine, metallurgy, traffic, airline, paint, electrical power etc industries.

Packaging & Shipping

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* Packaging: one plastic bag for each set,20sets~40sets in one carton or customize.
* Shipping: by sea,by air,by express delivery.

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