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Fire Retardant Anti Static Aramid Work Suit Jacket And Pants

  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Aramid
  • Type: Aramid Work Suit
  • Lead time: 1-5000 Pieces, 30 days
  • Customization: You can customize the logo according to your needs
  • How Much Is The Aramid Workwear Suits
  • >= 1000 pieces: 45-65 USD

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Electric Machinery Workers Aramid Work Suit Description

Commonly used fabrics;
93% para aramid 5% para aramid 2% antistatic.

Fire Retardant Anti Static Aramid Work Suit Jacket And Pants Features

DROTEX Workwear Standard

Garment size card

S 34 36 39.5 41 34 35
M 38 40 42 43 36 37
L 42 44 45.5 47.5 40 42
XL 46 48 50 52 44.5 47
2XL 50 52 54.5 56.5 50 52.5
3XL 54 56 58.5 61 55 57.5
4XL 58 60 63 65 59 61
5XL 62 67 63

Flame retardant and anti static aramid work jacket and pants suits – the perfect combination of safety and comfort

Electrical workers need to wear a fireproof and anti-static work suit when working to protect their safety. The fireproof and anti-static aramid workwear set is their first choice because it has excellent fire and anti-static properties, which can provide additional protection in the motor operating environment.

This work suit consists of a jacket and pants that completely covers the body of the motor workers, effectively protecting them from fire and static electricity. Jackets and trousers are made of special aramid fabrics with excellent fire resistance and maintain their original shape and performance even at high temperatures. In addition, this aramid fabric also has an anti-static function, which can effectively prevent the accumulation of static electricity and reduce the impact of static electricity on motor equipment.

In addition to excellent fire and static resistance, this work suit is also a comfortable wearing experience. Soft and breathable, aryl fabric can not only maintain the comfort of motor workers, but also effectively sweat and regulate body temperature. The cut of the jacket and trousers is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly and does not place any restrictions on the work of the workers.

In addition, this work suit also has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can withstand various tests in the working environment of the motor. High strength stitches and strong decorative accessories ensure the stability and durability of the work suit set, which can meet the needs of motor workers for long hours.

Correct Choice And Maintenance Of Fireproof And Anti-Static Aramid Work Suit

When choosing a fireproof and anti-static aramid work suit for motor workers, it is also necessary to pay attention to the correct wearing and maintenance methods. When wearing, care should be taken to fully cover the jacket and pants on the body to ensure that all parts can be covered to achieve the best protection. When cleaning and maintenance, it is necessary to follow the guidance on the product label, choose the appropriate cleaning agent and maintenance method, and do not use chemicals harmful to aramid fabrics.

In short, the motor workers fireproof and anti-static aramid work suit is an essential protective equipment in the working environment of the motor. It not only has excellent fire and anti-static performance, but also provides a comfortable wearing experience and good durability, which is the best choice for motor workers. In the selection and use, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct wearing and maintenance methods to ensure that the work suit can play the best protective effect.

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Oil-gas industry, welding,mine, metallurgy, traffic, airline, paint, electrical power etc industries.

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