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Knit Elastic Flame Retardant Shirt Double Color Polo Work Shirt Reflective

  • Color: Orange navy blue double color
  • Material: Cotton
  • Type: Knitted flame retardant shirt
  • Lead time: 1-5000 Pieces, 30 days
  • Customization: You can customize the logo according to your needs
  • How Much Is The Knitted flame retardant shirt
  • >= 1000 pieces: 25-35 USD

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Knitted stretch flame retardant shirt description

100% cotton flame retardant knitted fabric, this flame retardant shirt has excellent breathability and stretch comfort, and two circles of reflective tape also keep you safe at work. This knitted flame retardant shirt is dual certified for NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112 and has an arc rating that gives you CAT 2 protection. Dual color and polo collar design so you can get the job done and still look good.

Dual color Polo work shirt reflective characteristics

DROTEX Workwear Standard

Garment size card

S 34 36 39.5 41 34 35
M 38 40 42 43 36 37
L 42 44 45.5 47.5 40 42
XL 46 48 50 52 44.5 47
2XL 50 52 54.5 56.5 50 52.5
3XL 54 56 58.5 61 55 57.5
4XL 58 60 63 65 59 61
5XL 62 67 63

In the workplace, especially in environments where protective clothing is required, it is very important to wear comfort and safety. A high-quality protective clothing should not only have fire protection, anti-stretching and anti-static functions, but also have a certain reflective effect to ensure that staff can be found in a dim environment in time. Therefore, we recommend the use of knitted elastic flame retardant shirt double color block Polo work shirt with reflective belt style, can meet various requirements.

This knitted stretch and flame retardant shirt double color block Polo work shirt with reflective belt not only has a variety of unique features, but also uses a stylish design. First of all, it uses flame retardant fabric, which can effectively stop the spread of flames, providing an important layer of security for the staff. At the same time, the fabric with anti-stretch and anti-static functions also makes the wearer feel comfortable and free. Whether it is in a high temperature environment or in the need for frequent activities, it can maintain the stability and comfort of the clothes.

In addition, this work shirt also uses a two-color block design, which cleverly matches different colors of fabric together, not only to enhance the fashion sense of the shirt, but also to add a sense of vitality and liveliness to the staff. This design not only meets the needs of the work, but also is a fashion choice.

It is worth mentioning that the shirt is also equipped with a reflective band, which can be found more easily in dim environments. Whether working at night or in situations where safety is required, this reflective band can help staff be better perceived by others and avoid accidents.

In general, the knit elastic flame-retardant shirt double color block Polo work shirt with reflective belt is a comfortable, safe and fashionable protective clothing. It not only meets the requirements of the workplace, but also brings a sense of style and vitality to the wearer. If you are looking for a high quality protective clothing, consider this work shirt, which is sure to give you unexpected surprises.
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DROTEX Workwear Apply
Oil-gas industry, welding,mine, metallurgy, traffic, airline, paint, electrical power etc industries.

Packaging & Shipping

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* Packaging: one plastic bag for each set,20sets~40sets in one carton or customize.
* Shipping: by sea,by air,by express delivery.

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